Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Raffle Prizes!!

I am beyond psyched at the incredible generosity of folks out there who want to help us reach our goal for Sandi. The items being donated are awesome, and to make sure you know exactly what you're entering to win, I'm going to start posting an item or two every day. Here is just one of them:

(Cocoon in action--adorable baby not included)

This is a custom crocheted baby cocoon and matching crown hat, crafted in the Berroco baby yarn of your choice and edged (if you choose) in a complementary color. (Because it is a custom prize, it will ship in February, no later than the end of the month.) What a perfect keepsake gift for that brand new bundle of joy making its way to you in 2012!

Check back with us tomorrow to see what other goodies have been donated! See something you like? Be sure to donate through the button in the sidebar to earn raffle tickets. Drawings will start the 25th!


  1. This is SO CUTE! Thank you so much for your donation! xxx

  2. Just to be clear, is this one item on its own for the raffle? I know you said something about 'baskets', so I wasn't sure if there are lots with multiple items, then lots with single items? Will you post the lots with multiples together, so we know for sure what we're getting if we bid on that one? And will they be tagged as 'Lot 1', etc? Sorry for all the questions, just want to be sure I understand the rules and how it works.

  3. Most of the items being shown throughout the month--like this one--will be grouped together into baskets, and the baskets will be raffled off beginning the 25th. :) I don't know yet which items will be in which baskets, so for now I'm just highlighting them individually. Some donators are giving entire baskets already compiled, and a few items will be offered on their own; when those baskets or individual items are highlighted they'll be described as such.