Friday, November 4, 2011

Facebook page for the fundraiser!

We've got a new page up on Facebook to help promote the fundraiser! Please come on over and like it, then share it on your wall and encourage folks to join in and check out this page as well. I'll post updates there when we have them to post.

And please feel free to start promoting the fundraiser however you feel led. We've already raised 4% of our goal just from talking to folks about donating items for the fundraiser, which is fantastic! We're about to close in on my personal goal of 40 prize donators, which is when I told myself I'd really start promoting the actual fund raising part of the fundraiser, and would love to start seeing our "percent of goal raised" start shooting up. (This is not to say we won't take more item donations. We most certainly will!!)

If you're like me and you always like to be able to "do something more," we have a great way for you to spread the word to people in your community by joining our Fundraiser Street Team! I'm putting together a Word file you can use to print up business cards with the fundraiser info on it. Print them up and then hand them out to whoever you think might be receptive--I handed some handwritten ones out to moms at the McDonald's playland yesterday and not only were they all very sympathetic and enthusiastic about wanting to come donate, but one mom actually offered a raffle prize as well! Just email me at alison at alisonstrobel dot com and when the file is completed I'll send it to you.

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