Monday, November 21, 2011

Raffle Prize: Lots of stuff!

We're down to the wire here, so I'm showcasing everything else that has been donated in one giant post here. And then, after this, I'll be posting the contents of all the baskets so you know which baskets to keep an eye out for once the raffle begins on Friday! (That might take me a while to get set up, though, so don't be surprised if it's not up until tomorrow.)

Here we go!

From Joy Hannabass comes a collection of Stampin' Up! goodies! She's donating so much we're making this its own package, how cool is that?! Pictured here are just a few of the items being offered: 2 scrapbooking kits, 2 extra packages of paper, 2 sets of stamps, 1 roll ribbon  

Got milk?! From Carole Towriss we have 6 sets of Cookies in a Jar--half oatmeal raisin and half chocolate chip. These will be spread out through some of the other baskets. YUM!

And, of course, lots more books! From author Linda Ford, a copy of her latest historical fiction, The Cowboy Tutor! This will be featured in the "Canadian" prize package, available only to Canadian participants.

From Barb Waite, the true story of a one-room schoolhouse teacher at the turn of the century--Elsie:

Another addition to the Candian package is A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider, an anthology featuring 37 authors, one of which is donor Janet Sketchley:

From author Matthew Morgan, his speculative fiction novel, ShadowLight:

Also in the Canadian-only package are Kimberley Payne's E-book, Fit For Faith, and Christine Lindsay's novel Shadowed in Silk:

From author Kim Sawyer comes a prize package of her own! This Mennonite themed package includes the Sommerfeld Trilogy and all four books of the Katy Lambright Series, as well as some authentic Mennonite treats!


And another entire package has been donated by the authors of WhiteFire Publishing!

This package includes:
* A signed copy of Love Amid the Ashes, courtesy of the author Mesu Andrews
* Both paperback AND digital copies of the 2011 WhiteFire Publishing lineup, including:
  ~ A Stray Drop of Blood by Roseanna M. White
  ~ Jewel of Persia by Roseanna M. White
  ~ Shadowed in Silk by Christine Lindsay
  ~ Dance of the Dandelion by Dina L. Sleiman
* A t-shirt (S, M, L, or XL) reading "One little drop to soil the garment / One little drop to cleanse the soul"
* A $50 gift certificate to the The Greek Jewelry Shop (designer of the bracelet featured on Jewel of Persia)

In the "really unique donation" category is Tonya Sakowicz's donation of services from her company Baby Go Green, Inc. The winner will receive a basic consult on two areas of concern and a 2-week follow-up, valued at $295! To learn more about baby Go Green, Inc. and to learn about the consult, click here.

And finally, from Sandra Orchard we have another fantastic prize for the writers! She's offering a free webinar from the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild plus a 2500 word critique, valued at $125! Thanks Sandra!

Can you believe all this stuff?! There are some seriously generous people out there in the world, and we are so thankful for them! Go donate to get your raffle tickets, and keep an eye out for the package contents lists, coming soon!

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