Sunday, November 13, 2011

Raffle Prize: handmade goodies to keep you warm!

There are a lot of talented folks out there sharing their skills with us. Here are just a few of the hand-crafted items being donated!

From author Vivian Mabuni, who learned to knit during chemo treatments for breast cancer (two years into remission now, praise God!), comes this beautiful, super soft and washable wool/nylon/acrylic blend scarf.  Doesn't it look deliciously squishy?!

From Sheri Karobonik, who also donated knitting items that were highlighted yesterday, come this bold hat, sophisticated cowl, and cozy scarf, all in soft (I've confirmed it with my own hands!) 100% wool:

And don't forget this is Fundraiser for Sandi Rog Blog Blast Week--so please give Sandi and the fundraiser a shout-out on your blog, or Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever, and help us reach our goal to pay off Sandi's treatment! Every $5 helps, folks. Heck, every $1 helps. If that's all you can give, we're cool with that.

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