Monday, November 14, 2011

Raffle Prize: Editing galore!

Sandi and I are blessed to know some wonderful people in publishing. So many of them have pitched in to help with the fundraiser, from donating raffle items to helping spread the word and even helping with the administrative details. (Bless you, Miralee!!!) And those of you who are as yet unpublished and are hoping to get your first contract in 2012, you're going to LOVE these prizes!

Well-known, well-respected, and award-winning agent and author Wendy Lawton, who is a member of the Books and Such Literary Agency, has offered a critique of a proposal and three chapters. Wendy doesn't typically offer this kind of service, so this is a particularly valuable donation! Wendy's unique background as both a writer and an agent equip her to look not only at the crafting of your manuscript, but at its marketability. This would be a fantastic asset to any writers who are preparing to submit to agents in the near future!

Award-winning writer Nancy Kimball has offered a 100 page critique. Her fellow crit group members praise her editing skills, saying Nancy excels at both developmental and line editing. Fellow writer Mandy Hawkins says, "Nancy’s constant challenge and desire for me to dig deep within to perfect and improve my writing skills is greatly valued.” Writer Kathleen Freeman says, “Nancy has great skill as a reviewer and critique partner. With grace she weeds out problems and offers advice about possible solutions. She lets me know when I'm doing something right as well. I never feel like I'm ready to move to the next chapter until I've worked through Nancy's review.”

Barbour Publishing author Paula Moldenhauer has offered a critique of one chapter. (Perfect for that one spot in the plot that just doesn't seem to be working right!) With over 300 writing credits to her name, Paula knows what works in a story and what doesn't. This offer will be paired with Wendy's to provide one lucky winner with four chapters' worth of editing!

And Sandi's close friend and co-writer, Wendy Chorot, has offered a unique donation that will be raffled off separately. Only donors who have donated either $100, $200, or $500 will be allowed to enter the drawing for this item. The winner will receive an editing package worth double their donation. (So if you donate $200, you'll get $400 in editing, calculated at 3 cents per word.) The editing package includes a detailed edit (correction of spelling, punctuation, word choice and grammar), a content edit (correction and/or marking of passive voice, redundancies, weak dialogue, incorrect dialogue structure, incorrect paragraph construction) and more! This particular offer is open to any Christian genre or respectable secular genre. If you have any questions about this prize, you can contact Wendy through her website.

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  1. These sound like wonderful items. Thanks to all the donors!