Friday, November 4, 2011

Raffle Prize: Writing Career Coach Business Building Series & "Earn a Living With Your Writing"

If you're longing to build a career out of your writing, then you're going to want to keep an eye on this raffle prize!

The Writing Career Coach Business Building Series releases in the spring and will retail for--are you ready?--$1,200, but creator Tiffany Colter* has generously offered to make the ebook version available to a raffle winner. Here is a description:

The Writing Career Coach Business Building Series includes more than 5 books and workbooks, CDs, DVD teachings, tools to build and market your business as well as a gift credit for copywriting [amount yet to be determined]. Finally, there will be coaching support from Tiffany and her team through exclusive webinars, conference calls and personalized coaching. This will be released during the first quarter of 2012. It is currently in Beta testing with 10 business owners across industries, levels of experience, and levels of revenue.

Talk about impressive! Tiffany understands in a very personal way what the Rogs are going through--her husband is a cancer survivor and his illness nearly destroyed them financially. Tiffany has built her business from virtually nothing 5 years ago to a nearly 6-figure salary today, and the Writing Career Coach Business Building Series encapsulates everything she learned and the tools she used to get where she is.

And as the infomercials say--but wait, there's more!

If anyone would like to pre-order this, have them contact me. It will be only a $200 non-refundable deposit; $100 will go to Sandy right away, the rest holds their set. Then the balance is due when it goes live. They'll get it a week before it releases. I will accept PayPal, check or money order made to Writing Career Coach with "Sandy Fund Raiser" in the memo.
If for any reason the series is canceled, they will be given $100 back and a $100 GC [for the portion I gave Sandy].

This isn't the only item Tiffany is donating. She is also offering her "Earn a Living With Your Writing: How the Big Ideas You Have Can Get You What You Want" course, a $65 retail value! (Link goes to workbook only; raffle winner will receive the book and CDs.)

Do you have a story to share? Do you want to earn an income as a writer? The world of publishing is changing. E-books & small presses are on the rise. It is easier to get your book published, but harder to make a living with publishing. What is an aspiring writer to do? You need to remember the fundamentals & adjust them to the changing market. What are Blogs, Vlogs, Trailers, Pitches, Hooks, Blurbs, & Platforms? And what in the WORLD do they have to do with writing? How can you get your writing in front of the right people without doing the WRONG things? Are you ready to reach your goals, or even your dreams? When publishers were offering smaller cash advances & magazines were disappearing from shelves, my company tripled its gross revenue. In this course I want to help you create a plan to reach your writing goals. This Workbook is designed to be used with the audio lessons of the same name.

If you decide to buy the book on your own through the link above, you can order the CDs from Tiffany for $45, and she will donate $15 to Sandi's fundraiser.

In fact, Tiffany will donate 20% of *any* project she does to Sandi's fundraiser if the client requests it. So if you decide to hire Tiffany, be sure to ask for that!

Thank you, Tiffany, for your generosity!

Check back with us tomorrow to see what other goodies have been donated! See something you like? Be sure to donate through the button in the sidebar to earn raffle tickets. Drawings will start the 25th!

*Tiffany's website is currently undergoing some renovation, but there is a ton of great info there--don't miss it! She's also offering clients a chance to win a Kindle in January. If you want to learn more about that, or any of her services, be sure to visit her site and sign up for her newsletter.


  1. Tweeted it! I hope it gets many, many entries. What a wonderful act of love and service you are doing for your friend. My prayers are with her and her family.

  2. I'm not totally clear on one part of this... it says...
    "If anyone would like to pre-order this, have them contact me. It will be only a $200 non-refundable deposit; $100 will go to Sandy right away, the rest holds their book. Then the balance is due when it goes live."

    Is this referring to the $1200 package, or a book? It says 'the rest holds their book'. Just want to be sure what the $200 deposit is going towards.

  3. Miralee, Good catch. I meant the SET/PACKAGE not the BOOK. Sorry for the confusion. That happens when I try to type too fast. =0)

    Thanks so much! Tiff

  4. Thank you, Tiffany! Bless you! xxx

  5. Hi, this is Gary Eugene Howell commenting from my blogger blog. this prize sounds amazing. what a tremendous resource. I will definitely throw in my raffle ticket on this prize.