Saturday, November 5, 2011

Raffle Prize: Costumes!

Those crazy historical writers--they're always lurking around in dusty archive rooms, pouring over microfiche of old Sears-Roebuck catalogs, buying costumes to help them envision what their character might have worn...

Nancy Kimball, who writes ancient Rome-based historical fiction (similar to Sandi) has donated this particular prize. Thank you, Nancy! Note these really are just costumes, not actual antiques or anything. But you'll be SO set for next year's Halloween party. Or for the local high school's production something Shakespearean. (Watch all those crazy historical writers come correct me in the comments.)


  1. What fun!! Thank you, Nancy! xxx

  2. Alison you did better than me. I googled but couldn't figure out if they were medieval, Shakespear, or what exactly. If they were tunics, togas or stolas then I would know what I'm talking about, LOL.

    When my book release party finally comes, I'm dressing out two of my characters in period costume, so I thought other writers out there might like them for that. As best as we can tell the dress is woman's 4 to 6 ish (which is why I never wore it, hehe) and the mens jacket is a medium. Hope that helps!