Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good news for the Canadians!!

I did some research to see if Canadians would be able to participate in the drawing for the e-reader, and they can!! Here's the scoop as it was given to me by Amazon.com's online chat support and Barnes & Noble's customer service rep:

~ The Kindle Fire will be able to download BOOKS ONLY if there's a Canadian credit card on file. You can transfer music and video from a PC to the Fire, however; it just can't be downloaded. And unfortunately you can't access the apps. (Now, if you have a US credit card on file with a US billing address, you can access *everything*. So if you have family or friends down here who would be willing to do that for you and you could just reimburse them, then you'd get access to it all.)

~ The Nook Color can apparently access *everything* with a Canadian credit card on file.

NOW--before you get all excited, PLEASE double-check with their Canadian customer service to verify this information. Let them know you'd be receiving the e-reader from someone in the US who purchased it on the US website for their store.

And we also can't guarantee delivery by Christmas for Canadians, since it will be shipped USPS.

So hey--that's cool, eh?!

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