Thursday, December 1, 2011


BEFORE YOU ENTER TO WIN: Please make sure you have read this post, which explains how the raffle works. We want everyone on the same page so there's no confusion!

This package is special--it is only available to those who donate a minimum of $100 dollars. If you want to enter and have already donated less than $100, you may donate the balance to bring your total donation to $100 (or to whatever amount above $100 you want--see below for details). 

Comments will close at noon on Friday, December 2.

PACKAGE 13: Wendy Chorot critique 
Please note, only donors who have donated $100-$500 will be allowed to enter the drawing for this item. The winner will receive an editing package worth double their donation. (So if you donate $200, you'll get $400 in editing. Editing will be calculated at 3 cents per word.) The editing package includes a detailed edit (correction of spelling, punctuation, word choice and grammar), a content edit (correction and/or marking of passive voice, redundancies, weak dialogue, incorrect dialogue structure, incorrect paragraph construction) and more! This particular offer is open to any Christian genre or respectable secular genre. If you have any questions about this prize, you can contact Wendy through her website

TO ENTER: You don't need to note how many tickets you'd like to use. Simply comment with your name and email address.


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  2. Jim Turner