Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The gift cards!

So far we've been blessed by three awesome groups who have given us a total of $450 in gift cards for you to win!

Applebee's restaurant has donated two $50 gift cards, which will be raffled off TONIGHT (10pm MST) and Thursday night. If you're not sure if there's an Applebee's near you, check out their locations page.

Amazon.com is near everyone, which is why I'm SO excited that Chip MacGregor and the MacGregor Literary Agency have donated a $50 gift card! That one will be raffled off Wednesday night.

And Jim Turner, a friend of mine and fellow writer, has donated $300 in Amazon gift cards--two $50 cards and two $100 cards!

All entrants who have donated since yesterday morning will be entered in ALL of these drawings--no need to come back and tell us how many tickets you want to put in.

Obviously we'd love to get some more gift cards. Please pray that the other businesses we're talking to will step up and provide some. Not being an official 503c is making it difficult for us to find donations.

And of course, we'd love some more donations! We've exceeded $8000, praise God! Think we can reach $9000 by this time tomorrow? OF COURSE WE CAN. Just spread the word and encourage your friends to donate to this wonderful family!

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