Saturday, December 17, 2011

Want to go to ACFW's premier writing conference for free in 2012?

If you're serious about being a fiction writer, you need to go to conferences and learn from the folks who are making it in the industry. But those conferences can be expensive! The American Christian Fiction Writer's conference is considered one of the best in the country, but at nearly $500 it can be hard for some folks to swing it.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, one lucky winner will be going to the ACFW September 2012 conference in Dallas FOR FREE! (Well--registration will be paid--gotta get yourself there and home again and pay your hotel. BUT STILL!!) If you want to be entered to win this incredible prize, here's what you've gotta do:

1. Donate to the fundraiser through the Give widget in the sidebar. Every $2 you donate gets you an entry into the drawing. DO NOT MARK YOUR NAME OR DONATION AS ANONYMOUS. We need to know who you are in case you win, and we need to know how much you donated so we know how many entries you get!

2. When making your donation, there will be a place for you to leave a note. In this space, just enter ACFW. (You can leave a note to Sandi there, too, if you wish; just make sure ACFW appears at the top of the note.)

3. At 10pm on Christmas Eve--the last day of the fundraiser!--we'll pull a winner from the donors who noted ACFW in their donation.

Easy, right? If you have any questions, just write Alison at helptherogs at gmail dot com. And please help us reach our goal of raising $21,400 by spreading the word--we need to find more people who haven't heard about the fundraiser yet! Thank you!!!


  1. OOPS - didn't know about leaving the ACFW in the note with my donation.
    How can I FIX it? CAN I?

  2. Not a problem! When I update my roster with your donation entry I'll add the ACFW designation. Thank you for donating!!!