Saturday, December 24, 2011

The finish line!

I got caught up in all the present wrapping--sorry for the wait! And unfortunately we'll need to wait until sometime on Christmas to get the final number of ACFW contest entries; as soon as I have a winner for that I'll post!

But for now, we have two Amazon gift card winners! The winner of the $50 card is...

"ACFW"! I'm wondering if this might be an error and that the entrant was indicating they wanted to be entered into the ACFW contest as well--once we've got access to our donor contact info again I'll be able to double check it. :) But hey, whoever you are, congratulations and Merry Christmas!

And the winner of our last Amazon gift card, worth $100, is...

Jill Nelson! Merry Christmas to you!!

More later, folks--I have to get to bed because you know the girls are going to be up at the crack of dawn!

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  1. Alison, you've been working so hard, you deserve to take time off for your family! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. God bless! ~Sandi xxx