Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Raffle Prize: Signed books from Anita Higman and Ann Tatlock!

You wouldn't believe how many prize donations we've gotten. There are nearly fifty individuals contributing items--many of them donating more than one!--for the gift baskets we'll be creating. Which means I'm going to need to start posting more than one a day so you get to see them all!

Today I'm highlighting donations from two authors. Best-selling romance author Anita Higman is donating multiple copies of two of her novels--Love Finds You in Humble, Texas and Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe--and Love is in the Air, a part of the Life's Little Books of Wisdom series.

Ann Tatlock, a writer of "recent history" historicals (all are set in the early to mid-20th century), has given us Promises to Keep (a Top Ten Historicals of the Year winner by Booklist magazine!), The Returning, and Things We Once Held Dear.

I'm going to be compiling the gift baskets over the next day or two, so keep an eye out for the announcement! I can't wait to sit down with the list and start--these baskets are going to be AMAZING!


  1. Anita and Ann, bless you both!!! xxx

  2. Thanks Ann! Sign me up! I would love to win a gift basket of Anita's books.

  3. Thanks Suzy! You can purchase raffle tickets by donating through the link in the sidebar. Technically you can enter to win by just commenting on the gift basket's post when it comes up after the 25th and stating that you are entering to win without donating (we have to allow one entry per person for that reason to be within the law) but we're of course hoping everyone will donate at least $5 towards Sandi's treatment since that's the whole point of the fundraiser and gift baskets! :)