Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Package 12 results!

Time to award another basket! Only one this time, though; since we didn't do a lot of promoting to our neighbors to the north, we're giving them a little more time to get the word out. :) So right now we'll award Package #12--which is, by the way, getting 4 bonus books that I completely forgot to list! Big thanks to Brock Eastman, who I met at a book signing last Saturday and who donated 2 signed copies of Taken, from his Quest for Truth tween series, and two copies of Howl Sage from his Sages of Darkness YA trilogy!

So, to get to it, here we go! The winner of Package #12 is....

Carole Towriss! Congratulations! Keep an eye out for my email!

We're getting close to the end, folks--but if you're a writer, then the fun is just beginning! We have three writing-related packages that you're going to loooooove. One of them is up right now; go take a look!

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